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Privacy Policy

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We are glad we have aroused you interest for our trips.

Your privacy and the privacy of your personal data is protected. The compilation and using of your personal data, therefore, are always in accordance with the dispositions of the Federal Data Protection (BDSG) and the Teleservices Data Protection Law (TDDSG)

Next, we inform you about which data we are going to compile and how we work with your data.

Personal data

Personal data, in terms of the data protection law, is a specific information about personal matters or relationships, to resume on the identity of a particular person. Data can be retained only with your consent.

Anonymous data

You can visit our Web, where your personal data is not necessary. But each time you visit our website, some anonymous data is saved, for example, which pages or offers have been looked. Nevertheless, these informations are not personal data, so they are not subject to the norms of BDSG. Surveys for statistic analysis are carried out only in order to improve our offer.

The purpose of personal data collection

The collection of personal data is required when you contact us and/or book a trip with us.
As a general rule, in accordance with the laws and regulations and in order to minimize the amount of data, we only require data which is necessary for us to be able to execute the services. When we ask you for more information in our forms, it is always voluntary to provide us with it, and so will be indicated.

If you are booking a trip, only the data which is necessary for this booking and statistical purposes will be used.

Giving personal data to third parties

Your personal data will not be sent, transfered, sold or commercialized to third parties, unless you have allowed the collection of your data for transfering of publicizing it in order to provide you a necessary benefit.

However, if there is a judicial affair and a sentence in this regard, we will be obliged to reveal or to transfer your personal data.

Right to Information /cancellation

At any time you have the right to receive the information about your registered personal data. Likewise, you have the right to cancel at any time the consent you have given for the collection of your data.

In addition, you can always cancel, block or correct your data. Nevertheless, this cancellation can be denied to you by legislative reasons, with regard to the payment of technical and accounting assistance.

For revocation of the consent of data collection, information, correction, blocking or cancellation, please write to:

Touristic Service Center
Ctra. Coin, 44
Edif. Rumblar, Ofi 3 & 4
29140 Malaga

Use of Cookies

It is suggested to use Cookies (small archives with text informations, sent to your browser by the web server) only if it is a benefit for you. For example, some notes appear only once if you allow us enabling Cookies. In addition, our Cookies have an expiry date. If you manually cancel a Cookie before its expiration, you will receive a new one.

Cookies do not put your security at risk. Technical specifications allow the server only to read a Cookie that has been sent from the same server. Of course, personal data can be saved in a Cookie and collected by a specific server.

Like this we can make a personal analysis of the client by doing general comparisons. We guarantee you that we are not going to save any personal data in the Cookies. You can decide on your own in which websites you want to save Cookies.

Security, Questions and Suggestions

Security also depends on your system. You should be careful when accessing to confidential data, never save passwords in your browser and close your browser’s window when you have finished visiting our website. Like this it will be more difficult for other people to access your personal data.

You should use an operating system that gives rights to its users. You also can create in your system several users of your family and you should never access the Internet under administrator rights. Update your antivirus regularly and keep your system updated. We hope you understand that we cannot give concrete solutions, because of the diversity of different systems existing nowadays.

For questions and suggestions, please write to:

Touristic Service Center
Ctra. Coin, 44
Edif. Rumblar, Ofi 3 & 4
29140 Malaga

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