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1. Online offer content

The author does not assume any responsibility regarding the topicality, accuracy and thoroughness of the information provided in these pages.Civil responsibility claims against the author of this page are excluded, for any kind of damage caused by using or not using wrong or incomplete information and information that has been provided by the author, if no serious negligence or misconduct can be detected. All offers are free and without commitment. The author has the right to change, to add, to clear or to stop, temporary or completely, the website offers, without previous notice.

2. References and links

The civil responsibility in direct or indirect links to external sites of the Internet, in which the author does not have any responsibility, would come into force only if the author is aware of the content and if it is technically feasible and reasonable, in order to avoid using of illegal content. The author explains that when the links have been placed, no illegal content has been detected in the linked sites. The author does not have any influence on the present or future design, contents or the authorship of the linked pages. For this reason the author is not responsible for any content found in linked pages that has been modified after placing the links.
This declaration is valid for all the links and advertisements in your own Internet, as well as for external inscriptions on guestbooks and mailing lists, created by the author. For any illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and especially for any possible damage that could take place after the use or nonuse of this information, the responsibility falls only on the supplier of the mentioned site.

3. Author’s rights and his trademarks’ rights

The author assures that the images, videos and texts rights will be respected in all his publications. If the names of protected marks are used in the offer that is published in Internet by third parties, the trademark and property right is applied to the registered proprietors, with no exception. Due to denominational exclusivity, we can not guarantee that these trademarks won’t be protected by third parties’ rights. The website contents copyright belong only to te author of the site. The reproduction and the use of these images, sounds, videos, and texts in other electronic or printed publications are not allowed without the author’s authorization.

4. Data privacy

Regarding the providing of personal data or information about your company (e-mail, name and address), you can always decide if you wish to provide it or not.

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